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* - Minor bug fix.


PSPInstaller is an application for the Playstation Portable games console that allows you to easily install homebrew, themes and more without the need of connecting your PSP to the computer. I have brought this project back after a decent amount of demand on Wololo /Talk. This final version of PSPInstaller is now guaranteed to be online for at least 2 years and more closely resembles PSPInstaller 6. If you find any bugs with the software, please drop me an email. []

Uploading Homebrew

For Signed - Click Here
For Unsigned - Click Here

The Signed section should be used for Homebrew that has been signed with Sony PSP Keys, PTF Themes and anything else that can run on an unmodified PSP like Game Saves.

The Unsigned section should be used for Homebrew that has not been signed (legacy homebrew, kexploit, ect;), CXMB Themes, SEPlugins and anything else that runs on a modified PSP but not on Official Firmware.


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Homebrew Downloads
Signed Downloads: 5624
Unsigned Downloads: 6647
Number of Files
Signed : 86
Unsigned: 109

Recent Signed Uploads

11/05/2014 - Lucariolu
Battleground 3
08/02/2014 -
Alchemy version 1.0.4
06/02/2014 - Ammaar
PMP Mod v1.01
06/02/2014 - Ammaar
3d psp
06/02/2014 - Ammaar
psp pro custom framewere

Recent Unsigned Uploads

01/08/2014 -
GetCookie (and avoid water)
01/07/2014 -
Doom Legacy PSP (Release 4)
13/05/2014 -
Minecraft PSP [LC-Mod] v1.0.2 BETA
13/05/2014 -
Flappy bird psp 2.0
02/05/2014 - CewMdk
PSP Filer v6.6